These days…

We’ve been up to a whole bunch the past few weeks here at BC Sportfishing Group. I had forgotten how busy it gets in here, and Tamara, our new office staff member has definitely been holding her own in here since I’ve been MIA most of the Summer. Chad and I were married two weeks ago, for those readers that know us enough to care 😉

A successful Sockeye Charter on Osoyoos Lake

Tony has also been MIA, he took Yves up to Osoyoos for the first part of August to try their hand at the Sockeye fishery on Osoyoos lake. They were contracted by Okangan Nation Alliance to run guided fishing tours and long story short- It’s awesome, lots of fish, one of the greatest little towns to spend August in, and Yves is probably stocking up on Salmon bait like crazy! This should give him a nice advantage cause a sockeye belly strip is dynamite here in a couple of weeks!   If you’re in Osoyoos and you’d like to go fishing- give us a shout!

Erik has been entirely Sold Out for the Upper Pitt River- I think August 13th is the only day left, and typically this would be the tail end of it, but the Salmon were a bit late this Summer. This photo says it all. The reason why the Upper Pitt is a fly fishing paradise! If you’re looking to try your hand next year, call us now so I can offer you any available spots!

If you’d like to share your fishing story on our blog- feel free to email it me!


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