We often are featured on TV shows such as MOnster Fish- Or John Wilson’s Fishing programme over int he UK but it’s nice when it’s a local travel show! This one’s a goodie for things to do in our beautiful province- TUNE IN!

Hi Tony, Yves, and Ria,

We are excited to inform you that the BC SPORT FISHING GROUP will be featured on our TV series, WEST COAST ADVENTURES, a show about fun, travel and adventure throughout BC and beyond.

As you might recall, we were filming in Hope last summer with Yves. Thanks to your kind facilitation, our episode on Hope turned out great! Thank you Yves for appearing on our show for a second time. The segment turned out great with 5 sturgeons caught with lots of acrobatic jumps caught on tape.

West Coast Adventures can be seen twice weekly in various PBS stations throughout the Norhwest, reaching viewers in British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State, plus parts of Western Montana, Northern Idaho, and the Northeast of Oregon. The show can also be seen nationally across Canada via satellite providers Shaw and Bell Expressvu which carry the flagship PBS station KCTS 9 (based out of Seattle). West Coast Adventures has a potential of reaching approximately 12.8 million viewers.

In BC and Washington State, it airs on KCTS 9 (Check your local listings). The show is also available in High Defintion for those who have an HD cable package.

The HOPE episode airs on the following dates:

HOPE Episode – Tuesday @ 7:00 PM (July 20, 2010)

HOPE Rebroadcast – Sunday @ 6:30 PM (August 22, 2010)

Currently, thousands of visitors a month visit our website. To help promote your great operation, The BC SPORT FISHING GROUP video (as it will appear on TV) will also be posted at our website complete with an article, photo gallery and a web link to your website. All this will be posted approximately 1 week after the episode airs. I welcome and encourage you the link to our website as we will be hosting your video here.

You can check out the website now to see what we’ve done for all the other great BC attractions and destinations we’ve already featured.


Thank you once again for your kind accomodation. Enjoy the show!

With Best Regards,

Danny Sayson

Executive Producer




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