Good fish Karma

It’s pretty common knowledge that fishermen and -women are a superstitious bunch. They have lucky hats, don’t allow bananas on boats, and so on and so on…Marc and Alison come out to fish with us a few times a year, and it seems like they always catch at least one 7 foot fish. I don’t know if they have a lucky charm, or a routine, or if it’s just good fish karma. Whatever it is, they need to bottle it and sell it!

This time around, they have been catching consistent numbers each day of their trip, and it seems like they have gotten a 7 foot plus fish every. single. day.

Early in their trip, they landed this lovely 7’10” fish

A couple of days later (after landing several other large fish, but declining to get in the water for photos) Alison set the hook on something large within the first hour of the day.

If you follow us on Facebook, you know that I LOVE IT when ladies catch big fish. So I waited patiently to find out what was on the other end of the line. And waited. And waited. And cursed the lack of cell service on some areas of the river. 
Turns out, it was a 7’4″. 
Next day, it was Marc who set into the big one. Their guide measured the fish to be around 7.5 feet, however the water has risen just enough that there were no beaches nearby to safely land the fish. It was measured, scanned and released at the side of the boat.
They have a few days left here in the Fraser Valley, and I am fully anticipating still more large fish photos. 


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