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On October 12, 2015, Dan Lallier stepped onto his chartered fishing boat and met his guide Yves Bisson of BC Sportfishing Group (BCSFG) for a day of sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River. He had no idea his day would bring him face to face with a prehistoric giant.
“What an amazing day! I knew Fraser River White Sturgeon can grow to immense lengths but this was unbelievable,” said Dan Lallier, of Onoway, Alberta. Lallier has been fishing with BC Sportfishing Group for 6 years; angling annually both Spring and Fall.
Lallier has always talked about catching his sturgeon of a lifetime and his dream finally came true when he set the hook and watched his fish jump clear out of the water. Stunned expressions became ecstatic screams as the adventure played out.

Using recognized International Game Fish Associations standard protocols, this fish measured 336 cm, to the fork of the tail, or by “fork length” and had a girth of 140cm – 11ft by 4.5 ft – and was caught near Chilliwack BC. Thanks to the continued commitment of BCSFG, this fish was tagged and will now be included in the research database used to track and monitor these magnificent species; a partnership with the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society (FRSCS).
Dan’s leviathan makes this the third fish BCSFG has on the list of Top 10 largest fish sampled over the course of the FRSCS’s 15-year research study.
“What a beautiful, healthy fish! Congratulations to Dan and thank you for fishing with our company. This incredible encounter is a great example of the world-class fishery we are privileged to engage in and protect through conservation measures,” said Tony Nootebos, owner BCSFG.
Tony and his team are dedicated to excellence in client service, professional guided services and ensuring that every sturgeon encountered is handled in strict accordance of the Province of British Columbia’s “Guidelines for Angling Sturgeon in British Columbia”.
BC Sport Fishing Group Ltd was established 29 years ago and is the parent company of Harrison Bay Guided Services, Fred’s Fishing Adventures, BC Fly Fisher Guiding Company, and newly acquired, STS Guiding Services. BCSFG has grown from a one person operator base to the largest freshwater outfitter in British Columbia with over 25 part and full-time fishing guides, 29 boats and thousands of clients served annually.
BCSFG is located in the famous Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa located on the shores of Harrison Lake. To book YOUR experience call (604) 796-3345 or toll-free 1-877-796-3345.
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