And the winner is….

Well, it was a SUPER tight race right down to the last afternoon. The lovely 206cm daily winner, caught by Glenn on Chad’s boat, was still in the lead right up to Friday afternoon. But then Alf, fishing with Tony, hooked into a 208cm fish, that held on for the afternoon and took home the top prize of $2000, as well as the prize for largest fish of the day. Alf is still in the running for largest fish of the overall series, which would mean an additional $2000. All for 2cms!!

Alf was also a part of the team with the most combined cms. He, along with Olof and Magnus, took home another $1000 to share. After bringing in 1020cms of fish (total of fork length + girth of their four largest fish), I think they deserve some reward! The overall centimetres were very close, with the second place team bringing in 989cm, followed by 983cm and 982cm.

The most fish caught were the team of Glenn and Jan, and the hidden length was won by Mark.

Smallest fish of the tournament was 69cm, and was caught by Jesse.

 The 206cm runner up

 Jannis landed back-to-back, matching 194cm sturgeon – and then let her husband hold them for the photos!

This lovely 199cm fish missed out on being a money fish by mere centimetres!

The segment 1 winner – 208cm caught by Alf (far left)

The fishing  may have been tough, but we had great weather, and I can’t wait for the next segment to start on Wednesday! Good luck to everyone


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