All Cleaned Up…

It is very difficult to tell the difference between fishermen on most days. Once they don their slimiest jacket, or the one thats the “luckiest” and put on their hat, you really can’t tell who’s- who on the water. Ability, style, and casting technique are some things you could identify if you watched an angler for a few hours, but it would take a trained eye. Gary’s group shows up every year with an ingenious way to have a wee bit of fun on the water. One year called for classic Englishman’s breeks, the next year brought out some beautiful colourful tartan in the form of kilts. For this year he had emailed me and said it would be Borat Man-kini’s for the group, (he didn’t miss a beat when I told him Chad already owned a fluro yellow version…).

I think the idea was set aside once they realized our sunniest and warmest October wasn’t going to stick around for their stay… Here is what we ended up with- you need not worry about your long term vision, nothing was racy enough to be censored..
Some spiffed up fishermen with a couple nice looking coho, and a chum…

The pipe was not a part of the get up- it’s always there!


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